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 I want something to be done for the children also in this place in America, especially the children of the homeless. For no reason they have to suffer because they did not choose a life like this, they did not have a choice to have the parents that way. But they happen to be children to them and therefore they have to undergo this struggle.                        

Look after them, giving them proper education, health and proper growth is the responsibility of the entire society. If they are healthy, they are educated, then society will be healthy, society will be educated, then there will be peace and harmony.

~Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
(2015, Bay Area, California)

Bhagawan remarked that the Only difference between the homeless and us is that they did not get an opportunity while we did. You may think, ‘That is not my child, why should I bother? These kids's own parents should bother.’ Tomorrow, however, when the same children grow up and become criminals, the first thing they will do is cause trouble to you, not to their own parents. Therefore, it is in your own interest to look after everybody in society.   

Without education, they cannot earn, they cannot feed themselves. It is not their fault. It is something that you must plan, on a permanent basis. Feeding for a day and then going home may be of help to them for a day, but it doesn’t help them forever. Divinity is love without duty, where there is no sense of duty or obligation; just doing things for everybody out of love is the way to Divine.

"Government is of the people, for the people and by the people. So, it is the people who have to change. It is not going to come from the government to the individual; it has to go from the individual to the government.​ The solution is to start changing at your own level. Looking at you, others will change. It may take time, but it will be a permanent solution. Take one step and God will take a hundred steps. Just one step towards changing things and many, many more will join you soon. All great revolutions have begun with one person in one corner of the earth, many joined them in time. They even changed the fate of nations. This is possible. Believe in it!"


Sai Ashraya is a philanthropic and non-profit initiative to provide a permanent solution for unsheltered children and homeless youth by hand holding them from Street-to-Stability.


Silicon Valley is the Technology Hub of the world and one of the richest neighborhoods in the country. Ironically, it also has one of the highest unsheltered, homeless populations in the entire nation, majority of who are children and youth. These unsheltered children and youth are at a very high risk of negative influences, drugs and human trafficking. Children and youth are the future of the society. Our mission is to provide safety and stability to children and youth and nurture them into becoming loving and independent global citizens. 

Bhagawan commanded that Sai Ashraya should be committed to nurture and provide these children with a secure and stable environment. 


Swami said, “I will be in this Subtle Form, which is just like the physical form, without flesh and bones.” That is how He is going to take His mission forward. “My work is not yet over,” He declared. “Keep yourself selfless and pure so that I may use you all as My instruments. I do not have a body but I shall use your bodies to do My work. Your hands shall be my hands, your feet shall be My feet, your words shall be My words and your actions shall be My actions. Be selfless. Glorious times are ahead when the whole world will become Saimayam (filled with Sai). Soon I will be back in another Physical form as Prema Sai who will further guide you all and continue the work.”

To know more about the subtle form please visit this site

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