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Sai Ashraya is an service project undertaken by the SAI YOUTH OF USA. This website is for inspirational purpose only. This website does not claim any ownership of content posted by website visitors/users. All images used are within usage rights and/or are taken by volunteers. Please refrain from posting copyright materials/ photographs/ posts from this without permission of its owners incl blogs, facebook and other social media platforms. If such content is found to be posted, it will be immediately deleted and the user will be cautioned. If there is such content that copyright holders like to bring to our attention, please email us and it will be removed.


Everything else posted by visitors/users is assumed to meet the  “Fair Use” law and with permission of its copyright holders. Sai Ashraya  is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused to anyone with content found on this website. Visitor/Users assume all responsibility for making sure they are not violating any copyright laws, and are responsible for any such act.

Any redistribution/reproduction of the contents or pictures in any form is prohibited including the following:

- You may print or download to a local hard disk extracts for your personal, educational and non-commercial use, only with permission from Sai Ashraya .

- You must not use any content on this website for any form of reproduction for commercial purpose.

- You cannot copy images / story without taking permission of including using it on your website/ social media.


In Simplified Words – You must contact us before copying anything from

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